'Accelerators: Are they only for Startups?'
Friday 17 July, 10:00 - 11:00 BST
Kindly hosted by BioCity

OBN Digital Event:
'Accelerators: Are they only for Startups?' 

Kindly hosted by BioCity

This edition of OBN’s Digital Event series is being organised in collaboration with BioCity and will focus on the role that accelerators play in supporting not only PhD students and startup companies but also established organisations looking to re-direct their research activities into a new area. 

About the topic:

The team from BioCity will share an update on their accelerator model, and shine a light on other accelerators who provide valuable support to the life sciences industry, as well as addressing: 

-  What is the real purpose of an accelerator - is there an ideal time to engage? Are sector specific ones necessary or is there additional value to attending multiple?

- So you’ve completed an accelerator, is that it? Given many accelerators offer the opportunity for funding and connections to investors this forms a basis for a longer term, broader relationship.  Is this a good idea and if so what could that look like?

- Hear from a couple of companies who have used an accelerator – was it worth the time and effort for their business?

Keynote Speakers:

  1. Dr. Claire Brown, Investment Director at BioCity

  2. Colin Roberts, Venture Development Director at BioCity

  3. Case study presentation from Peter Rowe, CEO at Deepbranch Bio

  4. Case study presentation from Jane Theaker, CEO at Kinomica

About the event:
A live Q&A will follow the keynote presentations and audience members will be encouraged to engage with hosts regarding their thoughts on the accelerator model and the types of company they believe could benefit. 

This session will be run in a live format, with registration open for both OBN Members and Non-Members.  A private partnering service will also be available for delegates to book meetings. 

OBN Members - Complimentary
Non-Members - £25+VAT

This digital event is kindly hosted by:

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